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Gentle Yoga for Fertility & Beyond

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Class Description

Join a community of folks in various stages of their reproductive journeys. All classes begin with group dialogue and community building where participants share questions, concerns, and celebrations concerning their path of exploring gentleness, womb care, and/or expanding their family. Then, we explore stress-reducing breath practices (pranayama) and gentle movement (asana) focused on the pelvis, lower back, hips, groins, chest and shoulders.  Meditation, visualization, and yoga philosophy is also woven into the fabric of each class, guiding participants into slowing down and cultivating a deeper connection with Self. The class commences with a period of integration through guided relaxation and practices for positive focus. Gender-inclusive language. No yoga experience necessary. 

This class is Ideal for Folks who are:

-cultivating a stronger connection to their womb space

-preparing for pregnancy months or even years in advance

 -experiencing infertility

  -actively pursuing fertility treatments

-expanding their families through fostering, adoption, embryo adoption, and/or surrogacy

-exploring or are currently freezing their eggs or sperm

-navigating selfcare after abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, and/or infant loss

-who are in their first trimester of pregnancy

-who are working to lower stress and feel more connected to Self all along their reproductive journey

-postpartum or are a busy parent looking for spaces focused on deep rest

Suggested Props for Class:

-Yoga Mat -OR- substitute with a large beach towel, carpenting, or blanket

-Yoga Bolster -OR- substitute with 2 pillows or 2 couch cushions

-Yoga Strap -OR- substitute with a necktie or long scarf

-Yoga Blocks (2) -OR- substitute with 2 thick books or 2 yogurt or oatmeal tubs

-Eye Pillow -OR- substitute with a washcloth

-Blankets (2)

*Note: do not stress about props, just do your best!

Class Registration:

The Gentle Yoga for Fertility and Beyond class is run directly through the Unusual Pearl website. Classes are facilitated live online and are not recorded. A Zoom link will be provided via email upon class registration.

Sign-up for a single drop-in-class or reduce your individual class cost and become a monthly member. Be sure to sign-up in advance, as registration automatically closes 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Weekly Online Class Schedule:


Gentle Yoga for Fertility & Beyond

7:30pm - 8:45pm CST

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