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The Roots of Unusual Pearl

Image by rishi

My Nana... my maternal grandmother Pearl Harrington, was one rad lady. She drove fast, loved buffets, cooked delicious collard greens, and drank whiskey. A glass half full type of gal, she survived breast cancer, fostered her talent for gardening in small spaces, and nourished herself with gaggles of lady friends. When asked what the key to life was, she always kept it simple; be kind. When asked how she was doing, she often told me she felt lucky just to have a family.  

My Nana lived to be ninety-nine; mind sharp as a tack, body still able to climb stairs until her last living day. Unusual Pearl is created in honor and in celebration of my Nana, who passed away in December 2019. I am grateful for the unusual life she led, where the ordinary was revered, and gratitude flowed from the inside out.

So much love for my Nana, and all my ancestors whose shoulders I stand upon.


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