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Private Yoga & Wellness Sessions

Sunset in the Forest

Individual yoga and wellness sessions are perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. As your yoga and wellness mentor, we will work together to create practices that honor and nourish the needs of your body, mind, and spirit. We will discover your unique inner rhythms and vary the practice sessions to create greater harmony and balance in your life.

**Note: Abigail is currently on maternity leave. Free consultations and onboarding for new yoga and/or doula clients will resume September 2023. Want to work with Abigail sooner? Join her in-person for a one-day childbirth education intensive on July 22nd at Burr Ridge Birth Center HERE.


Private Yoga Sessions

can be created to focus on the following:

Womb Friendly Yoga Practices that Support your Fertility, Prenatal, and Postnatal Period.

Doula Coaching. Baby and Me Yoga. Mindfulness Practices for Parenthood & Caregiving.

Establishing a Home Yoga Practice. 

Inviting Rhythm and Routine into your Day through Ritual. 

 Breath Work (Pranayama) and Movement (Asana) Supportive of your Nervous System,

Spine, Low Back, Sacrum, Pelvic Floor, and Core.

Gentle Accessible Yoga Practices.

Practices that can be Facilitated on a Yoga Mat, in a Chair, or in Bed.

Yoga 101. Yoga for Beginners.

Using Yoga Props and/or Household Items to Support your Practice.

Starting and Committing to a Meditation Practice you Love.

Navigating the Challenges of Stillness, Silence and Having a Busy Mind. 


Mudras. Mantras. Malas. Mandalas. Subtle Energy Anatomy. Alter Building. 

Yoga Ethics, Philosophy, Self-Study (Svadhyaya), and Journal Writing

supportive of decolonization and liberation work.


Discernment and Making Soul Nourishing Choices.

Moving Beyond Imposter Syndrome.



Most sessions are currently conducted online over Zoom 

In-home sessions for Chicagoland area residents are conducted on a case-by-case basis.


Get started by contacting me here for your free 15 minute consultation.

Consultations are a perfect time to ask questions, discuss goals and intentions, and identify your individual needs for your custom tailored sessions.


New Client Special Package:

Virtual Six Sessions - 75 Minutes Each - $330 ​

In-Home Six Sessions - 75 Minutes Each - $390

(additional mileage fees may apply)

Recurring Client Special Package: 

Virtual Four Sessions - 75 Minutes Each - $320

 In-Home Four Sessions - 75 Minutes Each - $360

(additional mileage fees may apply)

Individual Session Rate:

One Session - 75 Minutes Each - $90

In-Home One Session - 75 Minutes Each - $100

(additional mileage fees may apply)


*Add a friend, partner, or family member to your individual yoga and wellness session.

Per Session - add $20



All fees must be paid before the start of the first session.

All sales are final.

Sliding Scale: 

A limited number of sliding scale scholarships for individual yoga and wellness sessions are available each year. If you're in need of sliding scale pricing at this time, please email before booking your free 15 minute consultation. 

Cancelation Policy:

Cancellations will not be accepted within 24 hours of your appointment. The fee for your appointment will be retained. Appointments can be rescheduled within the same week if there are open time slots. There is no additional fee for a rescheduled appointment. 

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