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Doula Care

Supporting you + your loved ones in feeling seen, valued, and heard all along your reproductive journey.  

*Note: Abigail is currently on maternity leave. Free consultations and onboarding for new doula clients will resume September 2023. Want to work with Abigail sooner? Join her in-person for a one-day childbirth education intensive on July 22nd at Burr Ridge Birth Center HERE.

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Birth Doula Care

I join your birth team the moment you sign me up as your doula! First, providing you with unlimited email communication + text communication, followed by birth planning + labor support. 

  • We will meet for two 90-minute prenatal planning sessions (virtual or in-person). Comfort measures, pain coping techniques, positions for labor progress, and educational resources will be reviewed so you feel prepared for the big day. 

  • 24/7 on-call support starts at 37 weeks. In-person warm evidence-based doula care starts from late early labor until 1- 2 hours after baby arrives. 

  • Your birth doula journey concludes with one 90-minute postpartum visit within the first month after birth to assess needs + debrief your birth story.

Investment: $1427


I'm excited to accompany you on your birth journey!

Book a free 20-minute consultation via email here.

*In-person Birth Doula Services are only available to former clients or new clients birthing at Burr Ridge Birth Center and Birth Center Chicago.

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Virtual Doula Care

Did you know doula support can be a virtual affair? As your virtual doula we can work together on 3 different tiers during pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum.


Tier One Support:


I provide 1:1 support throughout your pregnancy journey via two 75-minute Zoom sessions per month and unlimited email communication. Partners + other important family members are welcome to join the virtual sessions.


This support includes childbirth education, creating a birth and postpartum plan, coaching you through common stressors and decisions before and after prenatal appointments, guiding you through short meditation, breathwork, and movement exercises for a more easeful birth, and navigating changing relationship dynamics with family, friends, and colleagues.

Investment: $160 per month

(a minimum 3-month commitment produces the best results, but is not required)


Tier Two Support:

I provide 1:1 support throughout your pregnancy journey via two 75-minute Zoom sessions per month and unlimited email communication. Partners and other important family members are welcome to join the virtual sessions.

You will receive all the support provided in tier 1, plus virtual birth support during labor. I will be on-call for you and your in-person birth partners starting at 37-weeks. Then, from early labor to 2-hours after baby arrives you will have access to me via FaceTime, Zoom, Phone, and/or Text.

Investment: $160 per month for pregnancy support + $397 for on-call birth support


Tier Three Support:

I provide 1:1 support throughout your postpartum journey via weekly 75-minute Zoom sessions and unlimited email communication


The postnatal experience is just as important as the pregnancy and birth experience. As your virtual postpartum doula, I love to offer an extra ear and heart to compassionately listen to your + your loved ones concerns during this tender time. Custom care + personalized planning is provided to meet your diverse needs + healing timelines.


Support includes physical + emotional check-ins, birth story witnessing, help with meal planning + grocery list creation, basic lactation support, navigating newborn and child development concerns, providing postpartum herbal remedies, facilitating short restorative movement, breathwork, mediation practices, and guidance on navigating your changing relationship dynamics with family, friends, and the decision to return to work or stay at home with your little one.

Investment: One -90-Minute Session ($97) or Six - 75-Minute Session ($450)

I'm excited to accompany you on your reproductive journey! Book a free 20-minute consultation via email here.

*Virtual Doula Services are available to anyone across the globe with internet connection.

"Abigail was very effective... couldn't have done it without her. She was a great attendant to our "natural" childbirth plan. She was supportive and knowledgable with a very soothing and warm presence. She provided emotional support, massage, pain relief assistance, breathing techniques, and general awesomeness."
-Alexandra (birth client)

"Abigail was the captain, guiding the comfort and efficient delivery of my baby while working well with our midwife and nurse. Abigail was very effective and a joy to be with. She directed me and my partner in nearly all the positions we tried, and really increased my and my partner's overall comfort levels."
-Emily (birth client)

"A much special shout-out to my doula, Abigail. She provided me with many resources… from prenatal yoga, to helping Henry as my main support person, to providing me so much information that I needed to plan for an unmedicated birth. Without Abigail, I probably would have given up on myself earlier in the labor. "
- Lauryn (birth + postpartum client)


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