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Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Class Description

Join a community of pregnant and postpartum folks in various stages of their parenthood journeys. All Unusual Pearl Signature classes begin with group dialogue and community building where participants share questions, concerns, and celebrations concerning their reproductive path.  Then, we explore yoga postures to prepare and strengthen the body for labor, as well as to relieve common aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum. Additionally, we cultivate mindfulness and calm through breath work and visualization.  The class commences with a period of integration through guided relaxation and gratitude practices. Gender-inclusive language. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Suggested Props for Class:

-Yoga Mat & Blanket

-Yoga Bolster -OR- substitute with 1 pillow or couch cushion

-Yoga Strap -OR- substitute with a necktie or long scarf

-Yoga Blocks (2) -OR- substitute with 2 thick books, yogurt tubs, or oatmeal tubs

-Eye Pillow -OR- substitute with a washcloth


*Note: do not stress about props, just do your best!

Class Registration:

All Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga classes with doula coaching are run directly through the Unusual Pearl website.

Classes are live and a Zoom link will be provided via email upon class registration.

Sign-up for a single drop-in class or reduce your individual class cost and become a monthly member.

Be sure to sign-up in advance, as registration closes 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Weekly Live Online Class Schedule:


Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga with Doula Coaching

{In partnership with Burr Ridge Birth Center}

 6:00pm - 7:15pm CST 

Drop-In Price: $13


I can't thank you enough for the weekly yoga classes and community that you created with the weekly Zoom classes, they had such a positive impact on my mental health and feeling of well-being throughout my pregnancy, and the breath work that we practiced and pelvic floor work made my birth experience SUCH an extremely positive one!!!!! I have so much to thank you for...thank you for doing what you do and being such a positive force!!

- Kendall


The classes were affordable and the structure of group sharing followed by yoga movement was exactly what I needed. I made friends with other folks in the class who I connect with outside of class, and I found the availability of a space for me to both connect with a community and use yoga to support my pregnant body extremely valuable.


  Abigail is very knowledgeable on all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum and does a fantastic job of integrating the specific needs of folks into class and creating a safe space for everyone to share at the beginning of class. I highly recommend this community and practice to anyone!

-Jen L.

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